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Hat sizes:

Choose the required size:

55 cm (21.6 inches)
56 cm  - (22 inches) 
57cm - (22.45 inches)
58cm – (22.8 inches)
 59cm – (23.2inches)
60cm – (23.5 inches)
61cm – (24 inches)

How do you measure your head?

Wrap soft measuring tape around your head just above eyebrows and over the ears. Make sure the tape lies over the widest part of the back of the head and don't pull any tighter than you would want a hat to be.

Glove/Mitten size measurement


My creations are silk-felt products made from 100% natural materials. They are made by combining pure silk (Bombyx mori) and Australian merino wool. I use the finest wool so it doesn’t make you itch or irritates the skin. I buy raw wool and silk, each colour is created from my own blending. All my products are handmade and self-designed.

Care and Cleaning

They don’t require special care. They have a self-cleaning ability, they clean in foggy, damp weather. You only have to protect them from moths. Cleaning method: hand washable in 30 °C water. You can read more about their maintenance in the storage / cleaning section below.

Work phases

I buy wool and silk raw and I dye myself. The colours are my blending. Wool is essentially an elastic fluff at first. When I start working with it I create the form and material at the same time. Everything must be decided at the beginning. I work with hot soapy water, the process comprises three phases.

  1. I put the wool on a flat shape of bubble wrap which is wrapped around with wool. Sewing is not needed further on, as it becomes a tube-like object which is easily formed later. I lay the silk chiffon on bubble wrap, than I put the wool on it in two thin layers. I work soapy water into the fibre with small movements. Then I roll it up and start kneading. I spray the wool with water between two kneadings. I repeat kneading 6-10 times depending on the product. I continue this process until the wool fibres come through the silk and they hold together.
  2. Then I rinse it in hot water while the wool shrinks to the size I need. The wool will tighten the silk and it gives the fabric a special texture. Yarn, glass beads, organza, etc. can also be incorporated into wool.
  3. The last phase is modelling, when the product gets the final shape.  A little more shrinking, elaborating the edges, shaping the hats, ironing and drying follows.